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Defense attorney Daniel Hawes speaks to reporters after a court appearance (photograph by DAVE ELLIS/THE Fredericksburg, VA. FREE LANCE-STAR).

Attorney Daniel L. Hawes

Admitted to practice before The Virginia Supreme Court and all other Virginia state courts, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts of the Eastern District of Virginia.

Practicing law principally in the areas of defensive litigation and trials in civil and criminal cases; we are especially interested in allegations of serious criminal wrongdoing as well as civil and criminal matters relating to the ownership, possession, and use of firearms and weapons, particularly with respect to personal defense and allegations of violence and intentional injury or property damage.

The practice generally excludes representation of banks, insurance companies, large employers, or petrochemical, coal, oil, or gas companies except defensively in matters of contract claims and business torts; also excluding tax law, most domestic relations matters and represention of people injured through the negligence of others or for whom entitlement programs exist to compensate them for medical difficulties. Referrals to other attorneys may be available.

Member of
- The Virginia State Bar,
- The Fauquier County Bar Association,
- The Virginia Trial Lawyers' Association,
- The Virginia Citizens' Defense League,
- Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, and
- The National Rifle Association (life member)
NRA certified instructor in: Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection.

Virginia Legal Defense can help.

Independent attorneys in private practice provide a strong legal defense in civil and criminal cases, arbitration, mediation, litigation, and trials.

If you or your business is being attacked in a legal process, whether by a criminal complaint, through arbitration, or by the filing of a lawsuit,

Virginia Legal Defense can help.

If you or someone for whom you are responsible has been accused of wrongdoing (even where an insurance company will provide a defense) you will need an attorney to represent your interests. That is especially true if there is a potential threat of prosecution for violations of law.

If police or prosecutors are involved, you need an attorney!

Approach to practice:
"I like trials, and I like juries. I like having clients who understand that they are wrongly accused, who want to go to trial to demonstrate that there is no valid case against them, who want to win at trial, and who are willing to do what it takes to get there. I do not prefer settlements and plea-bargains as a personal matter, yet there is a real need for simple damage control in some cases. No matter what kind of case it is or what kind of resolution is required, we work to earn our pay and our client's trust."

Too often, people accused of wrongdoing believe they are guilty because they feel guilty, without considering that the law punishes crimes, not sins. Such people have already lost, because they have given up in their own minds. But, however a person feels about what may have happened, there is a big difference between bad feelings and civil or criminal responsibility. What's needed is a clear, logical, and rational approach to the specific charges formally made. The only question that will be before the court will be whether the defendant is responsible for the specific charges stated in the complaint. Even if a person has committed wrongful acts in his own mind doesn't mean that he has to subject himself to unwarranted punishment at the hands of the State.

I like juries and I like to be able to have my clients testify in their own interest. Juries are made up of humans, and have all the faults of humans, but one thing they almost always have that I've found to be in my clients' favor is a good "hogwash-detector"; there will almost always be people on any jury who can tell whose case is full of it, and I like to be able to put my clients on the witness stand to make it clear where the hogwash is in the case.

Useful information:

Letter to Law Enforcement (keep a copy in your car and one in your home)

Bill of Sale Form for transfer of firearms between residents of the same state

Formal definition of the term, "secured", as used in the Va. concealed weapons statute

Contract form for firearms instructors' use

Petition for Appeal in Henrico Co. Brandishing case

VCDL 'Gun-Friendly Lawyer' NRA Life Member NRA Certified Instructor

Dan Hawes was "Virginian of the Year, 2012" - click here to see the article

Participating attorney, United States Concealed Carry Association


Participating attorney, Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Foundation

Armed Citizens Network

"Fret not over evildoers, envy not the lawless; soon like the grass they fade, and wither like a green blade. Trust in the Eternal and do right; be loyal to Him within his land; make the Eternal your delight, and he will give you all your heart's desires. Leave all to Him, rely on Him, and He will see to it. He will bring your innocence to light, and make the justice of your cause clear as the noonday." -- Ps. 37:5-6 (Moffatt, trans.).

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